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How to keep a marriage strong…with a record player

Dear Followers,

As you already know, me and my Husband are married for the long-long time. It’s a beautiful thing to look back and realise how you first met, how did you celebrate your first anniversary, how happy you were when your child born. But not everything is so idyllic all the times.  Sometimes you have to face with darker events, and that’s when your bond forge even stronger.

On the other hand, sometimes you have to do in order to reignite the fire within your hearts. In our case, we had a day every week, when no matter what happened, we were just for each other. No phone, no internet, just a beautiful night together at various places. Or at least we did it in the past 20 years.

Unfortunately, lately, we did not continue this habit. My husband always had an excuse why he couldn’t attend to it. Without these nights, our relationship is not that deep as it was, and I really miss it. Maybe it is impossible to keep a relationship in a perfect condition for several decades, but I don’t want to let is loose.

In order to take a step and try everything that I can I made up my mind to create a romantic night at our home and surprise my husband. I found a site ( with over 50 turntable review on it, which helped me to choose which could fit the most to our house. As it turned out the one, that my husband previously owned is still buyable. I was more than happy when I found it, that I instantly ordered it with a dozen of retro vinyl. It arrived just it time.

I set it up during his worktime and waited for him with a soft music and white wine. When my husband arrived, he didn’t know why were candles everywhere and where the old music came from, but after he saw me, he smiled just like 25 years ago.

As it turned out, he only cancelled our nights to work even more to save some money for a gift for me, a second engagement ring. He proposed me right after the first glass of wine.

I really love this man!

Debate over tankless water heater

When we thought that we are finished with the works in the apartment of my daughter, we encountered another problem.

A leaking boiler.

We didn’t think that’s the sign of good luck, so we instantly started to find some solution for that problem. Thanks to the internet we found what to do in order to ward this problem for some day. We did that small fix, but we still had to find a solution for longer period of time.

We called a plumber who helped as with his knowledge, but unfortunately, he could not repair it. He told us that we should buy a new boiler or a tankless water heater, because that could still be enough in a small flat like that.

He could not recommend the very best product, but he gave us some idea to start with. We took notes and after that the hunt began.

We made a small tournament with my husband about who can find the most reliable and most money worth tankless water heater, within a day.


After 22 hours I still not found any trustworthy product which I would buy to my daughter, but my husband did and he was very proud of himself. Fortunately, I still had 2 hours to finish the task, so I took a deep breath and started searching in this topic, again. My luck aided me, because I found reliable tankless water heater reviews on a site with comparisons, descriptions and discussions over every product. It took me 1,5 hours to read most of them, but after that I was a pro in this topic. I could point to the product which is the very best.

After the 24 hours was over, me and my husband show our solution to each other.

The moment he showed me his, I knew which part of that tankless water heater is wrong. I pointed it out and he was shocked about the knowledge I had. On the other hand, he could not bicker with the product I selected.

Me – Husband: 1-1

Mattress against back pain

My dear Readers,

Last time I described how we chose a gas range and now I’ll tell you another story from the moving of my daughter.

Before we could make the wallpapering of the whole flat (we didn’t want to pay to an expert), we had to buy a bed or something like that, where me and my husband could sleep while we were at my daughter’s apartment.

After some estimation we realised that another bed could not fit there, so we need a mattress to sleep on. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any that we could carry with us.


We wanted to take the easiest way and buy an inflatable bed in a local store, but we found nothing that even could survive 1 night, and we needed one, that could last at least for 4 days. So, we searched for it. We read through several sites until we found this piece of diamond that exists just for wandering travellers like us. It gave us some valuable information about how to find the best inflatable bed. With its help we already ordered the mattress with built-in pump.

After it arrived, we were ready to go and start the wallpapering. Two tiring day already passed, and I feel something strange. In the past 4 years I always had back pain – every single night was a nightmare for me, no matter what I did and which position I tried, it was painful to lay on a bed. But after the first night sleeping on an inflatable mattress, the pain has gone.

I do the wallpapering faster than my husband, and I have more energy than my young daughter. If I knew that I only needed an air mattress to relieve the pain, I would have bought it much earlier.

We planned to leave the mattress in the flat in order to let my daughter to have guests for a night, but she will get another. This is my property from now.

Gas ranges and luck

My dear Readers,

Ss you already know I really like to share the moments of my life with you, so here is my last week’s „main story”.

Do you know what’s the link between a gas range and trash? I will tell you…

Our little girl got her letter from Harvard Business School. She is going to become a economist. I’m so PROUD OF HER (I still cry in happiness!). I know…I already wrote an entry about it, but let me tell you how much problem we faced since that letter.

First of all, we had to find her a flat, where she can live during her studies. That was the easier part of the whole process. After 3 places, we found the perfect one: it’s near the university, has friendly neighbors, a lot of green surrounds it, but…. (yes there is always a but) there is no gas range in the flat. And as you know my little daughter loves to cook so much. So me and my dear husband had to find and buy a gas range. Unfortunately, (as we found out after 2 hours arguing over what is the main specific of a stove and how does it correlates with the usage) we realized that we can’t make an agreement on it. As a well situated couple we made a bet over who’s right.

We turned on our notebook and started to make some deep research. After dozens of irrelevant and scam pages, we found this comparison site, where you can check the best gas ranges. That was what we were looking for. The moment of justice has arrived. We started to read it out loud. We both were confident in our rights. Unfortunately, the site (and the other 2 we found later) stated that, my husband was right, and I was wrong.

I should have made a photo of his smile….He knew that I lost the bet, therefore I have to do him a favor and from now on until january I have to take care of the garbage….(that was the only chore he did in the last 20 year, and now….this is my task as well).

Well fought my dear husband, well fought, but remember, next time maybe we will argue over polish nails and skirt, rather than gas ranges and then….you will get much more than taking out the trash.

But now (just to say some good thing as well) we already ordered the best gas range we could find for money and our little daughter is very happy about it. I’m sure you never saw a gas range that good (I’ll post a photo about it).

See you next week, I still have some story about the move.