Gas ranges and luck

My dear Readers,

Ss you already know I really like to share the moments of my life with you, so here is my last week’s „main story”.

Do you know what’s the link between a gas range and trash? I will tell you…

Our little girl got her letter from Harvard Business School. She is going to become a economist. I’m so PROUD OF HER (I still cry in happiness!). I know…I already wrote an entry about it, but let me tell you how much problem we faced since that letter.

First of all, we had to find her a flat, where she can live during her studies. That was the easier part of the whole process. After 3 places, we found the perfect one: it’s near the university, has friendly neighbors, a lot of green surrounds it, but…. (yes there is always a but) there is no gas range in the flat. And as you know my little daughter loves to cook so much. So me and my dear husband had to find and buy a gas range. Unfortunately, (as we found out after 2 hours arguing over what is the main specific of a stove and how does it correlates with the usage) we realized that we can’t make an agreement on it. As a well situated couple we made a bet over who’s right.

We turned on our notebook and started to make some deep research. After dozens of irrelevant and scam pages, we found this comparison site, where you can check the best gas ranges. That was what we were looking for. The moment of justice has arrived. We started to read it out loud. We both were confident in our rights. Unfortunately, the site (and the other 2 we found later) stated that, my husband was right, and I was wrong.

I should have made a photo of his smile….He knew that I lost the bet, therefore I have to do him a favor and from now on until january I have to take care of the garbage….(that was the only chore he did in the last 20 year, and now….this is my task as well).

Well fought my dear husband, well fought, but remember, next time maybe we will argue over polish nails and skirt, rather than gas ranges and then….you will get much more than taking out the trash.

But now (just to say some good thing as well) we already ordered the best gas range we could find for money and our little daughter is very happy about it. I’m sure you never saw a gas range that good (I’ll post a photo about it).

See you next week, I still have some story about the move.