How to keep a marriage strong…with a record player

Dear Followers,

As you already know, me and my Husband are married for the long-long time. It’s a beautiful thing to look back and realise how you first met, how did you celebrate your first anniversary, how happy you were when your child born. But not everything is so idyllic all the times.  Sometimes you have to face with darker events, and that’s when your bond forge even stronger.

On the other hand, sometimes you have to do in order to reignite the fire within your hearts. In our case, we had a day every week, when no matter what happened, we were just for each other. No phone, no internet, just a beautiful night together at various places. Or at least we did it in the past 20 years.

Unfortunately, lately, we did not continue this habit. My husband always had an excuse why he couldn’t attend to it. Without these nights, our relationship is not that deep as it was, and I really miss it. Maybe it is impossible to keep a relationship in a perfect condition for several decades, but I don’t want to let is loose.

In order to take a step and try everything that I can I made up my mind to create a romantic night at our home and surprise my husband. I found a site ( with over 50 turntable review on it, which helped me to choose which could fit the most to our house. As it turned out the one, that my husband previously owned is still buyable. I was more than happy when I found it, that I instantly ordered it with a dozen of retro vinyl. It arrived just it time.

I set it up during his worktime and waited for him with a soft music and white wine. When my husband arrived, he didn’t know why were candles everywhere and where the old music came from, but after he saw me, he smiled just like 25 years ago.

As it turned out, he only cancelled our nights to work even more to save some money for a gift for me, a second engagement ring. He proposed me right after the first glass of wine.

I really love this man!