Mattress against back pain

My dear Readers,

Last time I described how we chose a gas range and now I’ll tell you another story from the moving of my daughter.

Before we could make the wallpapering of the whole flat (we didn’t want to pay to an expert), we had to buy a bed or something like that, where me and my husband could sleep while we were at my daughter’s apartment.

After some estimation we realised that another bed could not fit there, so we need a mattress to sleep on. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any that we could carry with us.


We wanted to take the easiest way and buy an inflatable bed in a local store, but we found nothing that even could survive 1 night, and we needed one, that could last at least for 4 days. So, we searched for it. We read through several sites until we found this piece of diamond that exists just for wandering travellers like us. It gave us some valuable information about how to find the best inflatable bed. With its help we already ordered the mattress with built-in pump.

After it arrived, we were ready to go and start the wallpapering. Two tiring day already passed, and I feel something strange. In the past 4 years I always had back pain – every single night was a nightmare for me, no matter what I did and which position I tried, it was painful to lay on a bed. But after the first night sleeping on an inflatable mattress, the pain has gone.

I do the wallpapering faster than my husband, and I have more energy than my young daughter. If I knew that I only needed an air mattress to relieve the pain, I would have bought it much earlier.

We planned to leave the mattress in the flat in order to let my daughter to have guests for a night, but she will get another. This is my property from now.