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Debate over tankless water heater

When we thought that we are finished with the works in the apartment of my daughter, we encountered another problem.

A leaking boiler.

We didn’t think that’s the sign of good luck, so we instantly started to find some solution for that problem. Thanks to the internet we found what to do in order to ward this problem for some day. We did that small fix, but we still had to find a solution for longer period of time.

We called a plumber who helped as with his knowledge, but unfortunately, he could not repair it. He told us that we should buy a new boiler or a tankless water heater, because that could still be enough in a small flat like that.

He could not recommend the very best product, but he gave us some idea to start with. We took notes and after that the hunt began.

We made a small tournament with my husband about who can find the most reliable and most money worth tankless water heater, within a day.


After 22 hours I still not found any trustworthy product which I would buy to my daughter, but my husband did and he was very proud of himself. Fortunately, I still had 2 hours to finish the task, so I took a deep breath and started searching in this topic, again. My luck aided me, because I found reliable tankless water heater reviews on a site with comparisons, descriptions and discussions over every product. It took me 1,5 hours to read most of them, but after that I was a pro in this topic. I could point to the product which is the very best.

After the 24 hours was over, me and my husband show our solution to each other.

The moment he showed me his, I knew which part of that tankless water heater is wrong. I pointed it out and he was shocked about the knowledge I had. On the other hand, he could not bicker with the product I selected.

Me – Husband: 1-1